Neverwinter Nights Client Update

January 17th, 2003 by michael

Bioware issued their weekly Neverwinter Nights Linux client update. The salient bits:

  • Lots of bug fixing this week
  • Just a few big hurdles left
  • No movie player currently, will resolve post-release
  • Playing game will require data resources, which can be copied from a Win32 installation, and they will also provide a custom Linux resource package you can download
  • Playing game will require a CD key, which comes with a purchased copy of the game
  • In the future, updates will be released simultaneously across platforms
  • The expansion pack should work fine

And since we didn’t mention it last week, here’s the January 10th update:

We have finished integrating the Linux version of the Miles Sound System into the Neverwinter Nights Linux client. There have been a number of questions regarding the Neverwinter Nights Linux client including such topics as installation, expansion packs, betas, and release date. We will be spending all of next week (January 13 – January 17) working on answers to all of these questions for the January 17 update. Stay tuned.

16 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights Client Update”

  1. StarTux Says:

    Thought the big hurdles were Bink and Miles, so what are they now?

    Glad to see the expansions will be supported and working.

    Wonder if we get beta on the 28th?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, these idiots really didn’t think about cross-platform deployment if they can’t even install data items off the CD. Cross-platform from the beginning – I’ve been defending them the whole time, but lately, it’s getting obvious that if they were originally planning simultaneous releases, they must’ve dropped that a *long* time before the WIndows release…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That is what i wonder

  4. kccricket Says:

    There’s always i6comp under wine:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    [q] * No movie player currently, will resolve post-release[/q]

    No moviplayer needed for a beta release… so just do a beta release and show that you really have managed to do something.

    [q] * Playing game will require data resources, which can be copied from a Win32 installation, and they will also provide a custom Linux resource package you can download[/q]

    I have been requesting for an linux installer since the first release of the server, and there was a promise that with the client there would come one…

    [q] * In the future, updates will be released simultaneously across platforms[/q]

    Sure, I belive in this as much as I belive in that Stalin was Santa.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I was just wondering how they were going to solve the whole installation problem… I almost thought that maybe they did have some means of using the data on the CDs after all… but nope… they simply didn’t think of ever using the CDs for anything but the Windows version. Geez… CROSS PLATFORM, anyone?

    Now how much is it that we’ll have to download? Will it be fun for modem users? I doubt it.
    (Not that it’ll be a problem for me… but I’m just thinking of the possible consequences for others)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    [i]Glad to see the expansions will be supported and working.[/i]

    Well.. that is if we get the program anytime soon. So far , it’s been a fiasco, so I really don’t expect them to do anything new.

  8. jensend Says:

    If they really can’t install the stuff from the release CD, then they should publish Linux cds. However, they ought to be able to find programs to extract just about anything off their cds- for example, somebody else pointed out an installshield extractor which works under wine and comes with source, i6comp.

    No movie player but will be resolved post-release- what? Isn’t Bink working? They shouldn’t release without it and fix it later (though they could go beta without it).

  9. Catonga Says:

    IMO they should bundle the Linux version with the Expansion, so we don’t have to download 1 GB game data.

    Or they should release a Special Edition:
    Windows Version + Linux Version + Expansion in
    one package.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Ask TuxGames to whip up an installer like they did for RTCW and then you don’t have to download the 1GB+ of data.

    Problem solved.

  11. theoddone33 Says:

    The way you all treat Bioware sucks.

    You’re gonna say “The way Bioware treated us sucks!” but you’re wrong. They overestimated how much work they’d need to put into a Linux version, that is all. They promised a Linux client and they are making good on that promise even though they probably have already lost money on it.

    Bioware isn’t a bunch of idiots, unless you consider spending this much time on charity for a bunch of ingrates dumb.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i’m HIGHLY CONSIDERING! movin-on …and I’m quite the patient type but I dont take kindly to being lied to and then on top of that having to wait months and months only to be told crap! and more lies and more waiting only to find out we can’t access the CD’s ??..o-kie!! this is okay to whom ? the hell was it going to be a cross-platform release??..I say do Not LET BIOWARE off the hook on this one guys…no way baby! they need to fry on this one..linux/mac users ‘deserve better!’…. whose behind this boat?..

    I”m playing other linux games and will no longer back this idiotic company..first time shame on you second time shame on me….

    and not only that but what about 56k users ?? ( I”m not one but we gotta think of our brethren! )… and there no doubt are some still out there..

    how large will the ‘resource’ downloads be ???

    guys remember something else..its NOT JUST LINUX USERS mad as hell about this..its MAC users too!

    just check out the bioware mac user thread and you’ll see!!

    I say we all have fun playing UT2003 albeit even THEY haven’t done linux RIGHT either!..there is STILL NO indication the damn game even runs in linux on….

    the only company that has done us right from beginning that I know of? is IDsoftware ie: quake series..for obvious reasons sure! but that game is more enticing by the time is valuable to waste on continued broken promises I dont know about you….



  13. Anonymous Says:

    When the NWN Linux client is released, we can buy the game and play it. In the meantime, we can always buy and play other Linux games. There’s no need for this big fuss. How about we instead complain about that AvP port not having multiplayer support?

  14. theoddone33 Says:

    What the CRAP are all of you people talking about?

    You’re not going to have to download the game. It says right there in the update!

    “Playing game will require data resources, which can be copied from a Win32 installation.”

    Could this be any clearer?!

    I don’t know how you people came to interpret this to mean that you’ll have to download 800M of data just to play the game on Linux. At the most you’ll have to download 5M of wine. Inconvenient? Yes, of course. End of the world? Hardly.

  15. Shark Says:

    I had never really planned on getting NWN in the first place.. However, considering the number of Linux-people who seems to be wanting to drop the idea of buying it altogether, maybe I really should get it :-)

    Bioware tech:
    “There, finished! Putting Linux binary up for download now!”
    “Woot! Someone downloaded it!”
    (A few days pass by)
    “Yay! Another download! Wait.. It’s from the same IP.. Darn!”


  16. Anonymous Says:

    how good is the ATI radeon 9700 drivers for linux? is it possible to play tribes2 and simular games on it?

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