TransGaming and WineX Update

January 17th, 2003 by jvm

TransGaming has posted a 14 January 2003 update on the progress of their product, WineX. This fork of the WINE project has concentrated on enabling the play of popular Windows games under Linux. The update covers:

  • The push to a new version of WineX
  • Work on vertex shaders, on the way toward complete Direct3D 8 compatibility
  • DCOM/Installshield progress
  • Improved joystick code, contributed by an outside developer
  • Improved DirectPlay code
  • Updates on specific popular games

In related news, the Alpha port of WineX is still dead.

9 Responses to “TransGaming and WineX Update”

  1. Gore Says:

    They should push winex into the toilet.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I spend less money per month on Winex than I do on Netflix, and feel that I get everybit as much enjoyment out of it. It’s quite refreshing to not have to reboot just to play a few rounds of Warcraft3, etc.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Trolling aside… I am very serious about the possibilities of Wine and WineX on the Alpha platform. Take into perspective the verry nature of DEC’s verry successful (technically speaking, economics aside) FX!32 API layer: in methodology, operated upon the principles that Wine and WineX have failed to grasp: Win32/X86 binaries on Win32/Alpha at full potential performance. The degree of actually using Wine and WineX on the Alpha platform would be the same as all the other non-X86 architectures; it will be verry strict dual-API layer to first abstract the X86-ness of the application unto the environment and Wine’s API translates this unto its environment to benefit from the high-performance of a Code-Abstraction-Layer. In essence, such an API would be verry difficult to implement due to the verry nature of WineX being a single API that does not recognize different binary architecture other than what the Wine API was built upon / so far it only supports ppc and x86 win32 it is only possibly of the nativity which wine was compiled upon. With this truth in mind, we could attempt this goal to abstract the actual Linux binary layer so it may run Linux binaries that are of another platform. Given the nature of the X Window System’s Xlib being based on a application layer network transport that can travel over any physical layer, we have all our work ironed out so far. The only issue that remains in this aspect of X86/Linux on other/Linux is binary-compatibility that has already past been attempted with limited success. One of the ex-Loki developers began such a feat over 5 years ago (IIRC), and was able to run simple X86/Linux/X11-based applications and console applications with quite good success, yet the real difficulty was the project had difficulty keeping-up with the latest progress of Linux Kernels and compilers such as Gnu’s GCC, etc. This project, EM86, solves the whole problem and we are able to view the successes of this project on’s Howto ( or the original maintaner’s (Leslie Donaldson) homepage ( If DEC’s FX!32 were available as opensource for download, we would see the Wine, WineX, Codeweaver’s Wine, and DosEMU meld into a single product with separate divisions of optimization. I am speaking in the correct persona. We wouldn’t need this hassle if it were a perfect world, because everyone would be able to run the software of their choice on the architecture of their choice.

    I do like how jvm suddenly, without warning, became a better troll than I. In essence, THE ALPHA PLATFORM ISN’T DEAD; it is alive in the latest incarnations of Intel and AMD and with the merits of this platform it *should* be impossible to be killed.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    does that “outside developer” have no name?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Once again TG shows the way forward. I just wish others like Bioware would get it and use WineX
    as a base for ports, it’s the only sensible thing to do !
    But… why wont they release an Alpha version ? It’s beyond me …

  7. Anonymous Says:

    what about the ppc, sparc, and mipsel ports? the mipsel one should be trivial, since transgaming was talking up their transitive technology not too long ago. how come it isn’t there? shouldn’t their magic transitive technology (according to their own press releases) allow winex and all that stuff to run faster on a 160MHz or so mips than it does on a 2GHz x86?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    yeah keep your WCIII! bull…not everyone wants to run ‘that’ game and those that have a ‘favorite game NOT RUNNING with current winex as screwed as you have to either VOTE it in ( and a negative voting system is fair HOW? ) or VOTE your way $5/mo extra X how many times you can afford to have those zealot business guys work on it.

    bleh!..I say stick with wine as its getting MUCH better directx support..screw winex!


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