TeamSound Port?

January 14th, 2003 by Alkini

Jeff Howell wrote in to point out a postin the TeamSound forums that statesthat their next version will include Linux support. TeamSound is agamer-oriented VOIP application (similar to TeamSpeak) that allows gamers to communicate vocally over the Internet.It would probably be a good idea to politely email the TeamSound guys to letthem know that you are interested in seeing this port happen. As far as I know,TeamSpeak is our only other open for VOIP at this point. Does anybody know ofany others?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    server only?

  2. Catonga Says:

    I am no more interested in TeamSound.
    It’s too late.

    Because now i have TeamSpeak and because of this:

    I kindly asked the TeamSound team one day ago in their forum about a linux port, and all they did was being unfriendly to me (banned me without a reason given) and deleted my thread.

    And no, my posting wasn’t unfriendly.
    It was a polite question about a Linux port
    but those people at Teamsound think we are Linux morons and it doens’t matter if we get banned.

    And now they think they need porting TeamSound to Linux so that we run their TeamSound servers and
    help them getting a larger market share.

    So all Linux users that can here me now.
    Don’t use TeamSound.
    Use better TeamSpeak, the TeamSpeak Team was friendly to us linuxers and they were also the first that gave us a VOIP client.

    TeamSpeak good.
    TeamSound evil.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I emailed them, and if they reply, I’ll post in here. However, I think I will do as Catonga says and just use TeamSpeak, regardless of what comes out.

  4. bdove Says:

    I agree, who cares about teamsound when we allready have our great teamspeak team to support us. I have been using TS hence it arived and it works. If they dont like to do it, i dont mind. if they do. My 25 person T2 team can give it a try and c if it better than TS.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    c’mon .. You guys cant seriously be using TeamSpeak?!? We’ve tried it and so-far have an ~33% succesrate. Thats just too low for it to be useful.

    And, no, its nut us thats the problem. Facked up client makes shitloads of random errors and lock-ups, so I say “yay”, perhaps someone that knows how to do things will release a proper client?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    They have been promising a Linux client for months and have nothing to show for it. I offered to help with the programming and didnt even get a reply. Talk about dumping on your users – it’s funny because their approach is alienating people and they havent even got past the vapourware stage.

    My clan uses teamspeak (I am the only Linux user) and we have no sound quality problems. There are definitely bugs in the client but at least they are diminishing.

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