OSS 3.9.7g

January 14th, 2003 by Alkini

Version 3.9.7g of the commercial implementation of the OSS/Free kernel sound drivers Open Sound System has been released; changes include:

  • SB Audigy2 support, with analog audio/spdif in/out working
  • SPDIF in/out support for CMI9739/ALC650/AD1980/AD1981/CS42XX/etc updates the CMedia CMI8738 drivers
  • includes support for Nvidia Nforce2
  • fixes a RedHat 8.0 gnome-volume-control applet problem
  • includes extended mixer controls for all AC97 mixers such as ALC650, AD1980/1981/etc

OSS 3.9.7g downloads:

News source: Freshmeat

3 Responses to “OSS 3.9.7g”

  1. zborgerd Says:

    New version works great, here! These are a must have if you want good, unobtrusive, real-time sound mixing under Linux. Tech support is great and the drivers are feature-rich. They work with almost any card imaginable, support 5.1 and SPDIF (for most cards). For the less technical, these are easy to install too. Just run a binary installer.

    The drawback? Real-time mixer doean’t like mmap() though (only Quake 1-3 engine games use this), but they’ve written the drivers to redirect those games to the real device.

    No problems here though. These are well worth the price for good sound and real-time mixing under Linux. Say no to artsd and ESD.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The only positive OSS has going for it is the perceived ease of installation.

    OSS is a dated piece of software, and should be relegated to dustbin of UNIX history alongside the likes of CDE and Motif.

    ALSA has surpassed OSS in every other respect. Combined with JACK, you _really do_ have have real-time sound mixing under Linux, not the kludge that is the OSS mixer.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Spew all you want about OSS vs. ALSA or anything else. OSS usually gets newer cards supported first. ALSA still doesn’t have any support for the Audigy 2 (insisting that it is an original Audigy).

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