UTelAdSE Version 101 Released

January 13th, 2003 by theoddone33

UTelAdSE, the UT2003 server addon that will give you an administrationinterface via the telnet protocol, has been updated. A lot of issueshave been addressed and also some new features have been implemented.

Changes include:

  • Pager, this will break the output into pages when it’s to large to fit on the screen
  • Fixed the input processing, complete block of text can now be received
  • Fixed commandline parsing to ignore empty paramaters
  • Local echo bug on linux servers has been fixed
  • Warnings on the console commands exit and close
  • More configurable options
  • Added IP policy and CDKey Hash policy (UT2003 version 2166 and up) editing
  • Added basic support for Evolution’s Ladder mod (version 1 and up)
  • More support and features for 3rd party addons

UTelAdSE Site

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    is’nt that telnet port thing to server a risky thing to use?

    just currious

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