glHack 1.1

January 8th, 2003 by Alkini

Version 1.1 of the SDL-based OpenGL NetHack port glHack (screenshots) has been released; changes include:

  • man pages added
  • video mode and depth are now autodetected
  • colors have been brightened
  • better installation under Debian and Mandrake
  • bugfixes

glHack 1.1 source: glhack-1.1.tar.gz

2 Responses to “glHack 1.1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fix it!

    Stop assuming my X Desktop real-estate is 1600×1200! Some people operate in X at 800×600 or 640×480 and glHack is yet another turd in the bucket that renderes its huge graphics scene beyond my controll.

    It’s pissing me off, man! Have some consideration and wrap the graphics with some scrollbars at the least!

    Otherwise, this game is quite good. It’s got a nice subset of graphics.

    The only thing(tm) that I dislike about NetHack, in general, is compiling it for your system is a pain in the royal assholio. C’mon, someone needs to get a clue(tm) and convert every nethack project to somthing more Gnu-centric so the average luser can issua a `./configure; make; make install`

    Still, Nethack-like games and generally glHack is real nice. My buddies all own Agenda VR3’s and have compressed the sh1t outa our realestate just to include a labotamized agendahack installation. yippee!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    GeForce2MX and (secondhand) IBM P20 monitor.

    But not glHack. I run that at 640×480 so I can see what’s going on. RTFM. Just use a command line switch to set the resolution. Actually I never messed with NetHack much until glHack came out, and I thinks its pretty cool. I’ll have to d/l the new release and check it out!

    I’d log in, but I lost my password and this new website doesn’t seem to have any way to recover it…

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