Neverwinter Nights: Linux Client Update

December 21st, 2002 by Marv

The weekly drama(sorry) of the Neverwinter Nights: Linux Clienthas been posted. Things are looking up for a release eariler next year.

Dec 20 2002] This will be the last OS update for the year 2002 as we are off on our Christmas break. Our next OS update is scheduled for Friday, January 10th, 2003.

Despite all of the excitement around sound and The Two Towers, work on the Linux client this week consisted mainly of finishing up some display issues. Resolution switching, full-screen modes, and other mode switching was pretty flaky, but is working fine now. Sound-wise (Samwise?) we are gutting and replacing code like mad and look forward to the the final integration in the new year. There will still be about a week or two of work to make the final changeover.

Seeing The Two Towers will probably come first, though.

6 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights: Linux Client Update”

  1. bdove Says:

    holiday + few weeks… does it mean we got our copy on january.. i sertanly hope so =D

    Tho it is my cristmas break now and i whanted to spend it with NWN.. but unfortunately i cant =(

    Still hapy that i will get it sooner or later..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You almost forgot Rahmadan and blue-light going out of business days at K-mart that they have to go to. And of course the group leadership meetings they have to attend to learn to do their jobs better. And that pesky C code that they have to work through.. ack. I think I want to apply for a job there. Sounds like I could screw off for years and still look like I’m doing something. Excellent.

  3. MyAss Says:

    I hope its not too much longer, I’m pretty sure someone is giving me this game for Christmas.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “Seeing The Two Towers will probably come first, though.”

    Obviously the linux client is at the bottom of their checklist…

  5. sgaap Says:

    Shit, I’ve just seen lotr:tt and it was crap, I was really hoping that a release of the nwn linux client would easy the disappointment over the two towers (has that peter jackson read any further than book 1 before making the second movie..?)

    However, In the time that it is taking bioware to complete the client, even gollem could have learned c++

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is probably their first attempt at even making a Linux client! I don’t think these guys would want to put out anything half-baked. The other problem is that they probably don’t have enough well versed people who can program/develop the game for Linux. Y’all better be happy that there are even people working on the game. If you continue to bitch about it, rather than encourage them, then you might get what you ask for… :P


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