Mindrover Available from LGP

December 13th, 2002 by Alkini

And LGP wrote in with another announcement:

After mich delay, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Mindrover: The EuropaProject and its downloadable updatefor owners of the old Loki version of Mindrover.

The downloadable update is available at a mich-reduced price.

5 Responses to “Mindrover Available from LGP”

  1. cburke Says:

    Mindrover is cool. Cheap updates are cool. Count me in.

  2. StarTux Says:

    Would love to have a Demo, just to try it out again beofre buying.

    Or…Shall I just buy anyway?


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I went to the link and all it says is it is updated. Do I need to go the the Mindrover site to find the additions, or is this just a bug fix?

    I bought this game from Loki and will likely buy the patch just to help LGP out.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve tried to order three times now.
    The page always fails with a PHP (already sent headers) or a PGSQL error. It was either right before or right after the credit card info, I don’t remember.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hey..the demo URL is no good..and lokigame demo’s are gone is not working…??


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