UTelAdSE Final Released

November 30th, 2002 by Judecca

Michiel “El Muerte” Hendriks has released the final version of his Unreal Tournament 2003 telnet administration tool UTelAdSE.

UTelAdSE is a telnet administration server that will allow you doadminister your UT2003 server using a telnet client.With UTelAdSE you will be able to do about everything you can also dowith the WebAdmin.

A short overview of all the things you can do with UTelAdSE:

  • kick/ban players
  • change the map rotation
  • add/remove admins (AdminControlIni)
  • add/remove mutators
  • configure gametypes
  • add/remove bots
  • chat with the players
  • change the current map/gametype

    For more information visit the homepage:


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    1. Anonymous Says:

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    2. Anonymous Says:

      The page was unilaterally changed, “for the people.” You know, like the Russian Revolution — it’s red, it’s ugly, and nobody likes it except the people in charge.

      I’d be careful what I say if I were you, the purges can’t be too far off.

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