NVIDIA nForce Driver 1.0-0248

November 29th, 2002 by Judecca

NVIDIA has released new linux nForce drivers.

  • Added PCI ID support for nForce2 MCP2-T and MCP2-A to the i810_audio driver.
  • Cleanup of spec file and Makefiles
  • SRPMs and tar files now use local system’s i810_audio.c file, and complain if not there (this makes them more distribution independent)
  • Changed code to compile properly with gcc3.X and gcc2.X
  • Added support for Mandrake9.0 and Redhat8.0
  • nForce2 support for network driver

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    2 Responses to “NVIDIA nForce Driver 1.0-0248”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      let this finally fix the XVideo crashes I’ve always had with their drivers. DVD watching is annoying as hell when it crashes X half the time…

    2. simcon Says:

      If anyone is intending on visiting Milton keynes shopping centre over this weekend they will come across a desk promoting the new ATI Radeon in combination with AMD. I zipped past today and got a free pen but perhaps tomorrow I should query the girl about intended Linux support for the product. I wonder what sort of response I will get :D I’m expecting that she won’t know wtf I’m talking about.

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