XMame 0.61.1

November 13th, 2002 by Marv

Xmame version 0.61.1 has hit the street after a bit of delay. This release contains almost everything from MAME 0.61 and MESS 0.61.2. Changes with this release include:

- Almost everything from MAME 0.61 and MESS 0.61.2.
- The mouse cursor is now hidden in OpenGL fullscreen mode. (Craig Servin)
- Applied a patch for FreeBSD to unix/video-drivers/svgainput.c. (Stijn Hoop)
- Applied the NetMAME 0.5 patch, which adds a new option, -parallelsync, which should allow games to work without lag at network latencies of up to 16 milliseconds. (Steve Freeland)
- Added support for Linux on the Playstation 2. (Joan Sarah Touzet)
- Fixed a problem in the ALSA 0.9 driver with setting the sample rate on SB128 soundcards. (Stephen Anthony)
- Fixed a bug in unix/devices.h that prevented compilation on non-X11 platforms.
- Fixed the register constraints in cpu/i8085/i8085cpu.h so that cpu/i8085/i8085.c can build for x86 using gcc-3.1 with -O3. This change was missed in the MAME 0.61 release.
- Fixed multiple definition warnings in the psikyosh driver.
- Increased the size of the buffer used to display history. (Steve Fewell)
- Modified unix/fronthlp.c so that it flushes its output more often to aid frontends. (Shadow Walker)
- Changed unix/video-drivers/xfx.c to be more frontend-friendly. (Benoit Dumont)- Added support for the SDL joystick driver. (Yang Hyun)
- You can now specify a config subdirectory name using -cfgname/-cn. This is useful for creating an alternate configuration. (Benoit Dumont)
- Added a “waveout” DSP plugin which redirects sound to a file using Microsoft’s PCM WAVE format. The file name can be specified with the “-audiodevice” switch and defaults to “xmameout.wav”. (Donald King)
- Added support for showing average frames per second when quitting. Also added support for the -frames_to_run/-ftr switch.
- Added Xv hardware scaling support! To enable, uncomment the line reading “X11_XV = 1″ in the makefile and use the -xvext/-xv switches (and possibly the -yuv switch). (Alastair Robinson)
- An X11 build can now grab the keyboard to bypass window managers. Use -grabkeyboard/-gkb to activate and/or the ALT + PGUP keypress to toggle it on/off. (Gerd Sussner)
- The code for finding the best X11 visual now checks in descending order of bit depth. This is to work around a bug/feature in the latest NVidia drivers. (Gerd Sussner)
- Fixed a problem in the DGA2 driver that could lead to scrambled colors with an i830MG video card in 24bpp mode. (Eric Brunet, Shyouzou Sugitani)
- The SDL target’s -listmodes switch now operates before attempting to load a game. (Shadow Walker)
- If xmame is iconified in IRIX, it will automatically pause (“boss hanging around mode”). (Andrea Suatoni)
- Added a switch to force yv12 mode in the Xv driver; made improvements to the yv12 code. (Eric Brunet)
- Xmame should now build “out of the box” for FreeBSD. Note that for the SDL target, you may have to set the SDL_CONFIG flag in the makefile. (Stijn Hoop)

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