Uplink v1.3

September 1st, 2002 by Judecca

Thomas Zajic sent in word of a new Uplink patch, bringing it up to version 1.3. The commercial hacking game now uses SDL for the graphics and sound engines. The full changelog is available here

Linux :
  • Fixed theming
  • DOS text files are now read in properly (this affected custom LANs and gateways)
  • Save games are now stored in ~/.uplink
  • Graphics backend is now OpenGL/SDL (previously used glut)
  • Sound backend is now a patched SDL_mixer to allow playing of UNI files. (see SDL_mixer.patch for changes)

  • Download:

    7 Responses to “Uplink v1.3”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      They have fan-fic on their site. That game must have quite a cult following.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      finally, with this patch, all the graphics problems i was having before are gone, thanks to using SDL – woo! fun game.

    3. PlAgUeInFeKtEd Says:

      i just bought it, i hope it rocks :)

    4. Anonymous Says:

      very nice!!!

    5. jsheedy98 Says:

      Anyone else having a plugin request popup with this page?

    6. Anonymous Says:

      I suspect someone’s going to make [s]cracking[/s]debugging tools with Uplink-style interface just to gain some legitimacy, or confuse authorities. Hey, it works for remote admin tools.

    7. Anonymous Says:

      “Security Alert
      Your Computer Is Currently Broadcasting An Internet IP Address. With This Address, Someone Can Imidiately Begin Attacking Your Computer”

      …just seen on this page

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