Doom 3 Pre-Order at Tux Games

August 31st, 2002 by Judecca

Michael Simms sent in an announcement regarding Doom 3 at Tux Games:

You can now pre-order Doom 3 at TuxGames. As always, Tux Games will report each copy sold back to id as aLinux sale instead of a Windows sale.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hell I need a better computer to be able to play doom3 and Unreal2003!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Or is this an attempt to grab some quick cash for tux games?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I thought Doom 3 wasn’t even due out until fall 2003 at the earliest! Whats up with this?

    And what about the inevitable “collector’s tin” edition (you know there’s going to be one)?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Will it be possible to play doom3 without the latest GeForce card from nvidia? I have an ATI 8500 but it lacks some good 3D drivers. DRI is doing something great, but i dont think it uses fully the potential of the card…

  5. Thoreau Says:


  6. clump Says:

    I can’t really justify pre-ordering something. However when available I will buy copy from Tux Games to report the sales.

  7. arcade Says:


    LinuxGames – Embrace your inner penguin!

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