Unreal 1 Available at Tux Games

July 31st, 2002 by Judecca

Michael Simms from Tux Games wrote in saying they are now selling Unreal 1. It runs as an expansion to the Unreal Tournament port from Loki and Epic.

It has been a while since we had many new Linux games, so to bridge thegap until LGP releasestheir new titles, Tux Games is now shipping copies of Unreal 1. Youwill need to have UnrealTournament installed for Unreal 1 to work.

Special thanks go to Chunkyfor the installer.

14 Responses to “Unreal 1 Available at Tux Games”

  1. ldog Says:

    or Prime Minister.. or something…

    Way to go Chunky. And Mike.

  2. PJ_Hooker Says:

    I’ll buy a copy when I get home. This is a fun, classic game at a very reasonable price.

  3. Ravage Says:

    Would anyone be interested in Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror Retail for Linux? I’ve built an installer which seems to do the job. UT isn’t required either :)

  4. rapina Says:

    yeah Unreal 1 is one of the best Single Player games ever, but (there is one little but) there is no coop as the windows version :(

  5. The_Dougster Says:

    Yeah I even installed from the Unreal-Gold cd and it works just dandy. I fiddled with the rendering options a bit and got it looking really good. Thanks Chunky this is awesome! I actually went out and bought Unreal Tournament just so I could run this in Linux, now I have a bunch more games :-)

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