DAPHNE 0.99.5

July 16th, 2002 by Alkini

Version 0.99.5 of the laserdisc arcade game emulator DAPHNE (screenshots) has been released; changes include:

  • added multi-cpu support
  • added zlib CRC32 checking
  • fixed crashes when using fullscreen mode and no hw acceleration
  • added optional screen blanking when searching and/or skipping
  • fixed command-line overflow bug

DAPHNE 0.99.5 source:

Worth noting is that this version sends non-personal info (CPU type/speed, video card, RAM, game title, OS, etc) to a central server to generate public statistics. If you don’t want information submitted, add the -noserversend switch to the command line.

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  1. tjwhaynes Says:

    Oh no. The disaster. Looking at these stats I finally realize something that has worried me for many months now… my machine is too OLD. 128MB ram? 80% of the machines running this have at least twice. 650 MHz? Pah. 20GB hard drive? You weenie!

    Sometimes public stats are privately distressing …

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