Phobia III – Edge of humanity

July 8th, 2002 by keerf

RedLynx has released Phobia III – Edge of humanity for Linux. Phobia III is a alien slaughter game, which is a freeware (sourceless) game. This version has gotten some new graphics as well as new guns, aliens, and new levels. For more information about the game you can go here:


4 Responses to “Phobia III – Edge of humanity”

  1. bobcat Says:

    This game rocks! I wish I could beat the first level tho! Haha.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    …OH MY GOD this game is tough. I think I like it.

  3. byte_bandit Says:

    for my taste .. but I like it anyway!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    who has released what?

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