Radeon 8500 Driver Binary Snapshots Available

July 5th, 2002 by

José Fonseca posted to the DRI developer and user mailing lists that Keith Whitwell has pronounced “ready for testing” the r200-0-1-branch of the DRI source tree, the driver for the ATI Radeon 8500 cards. Consequently, binary snapshots of the development code are being made available in the bleeding edge download directory. The readme says, in its entirety:

Known problems:
  • Some front buffer or z-disabled apps have stopped working. Unfortunately, this includes the q3 menuscreen. Fix due shortly.
  • TCL isn’t enabled, no performance tuning has been done.

This last bit means that the driver is not yet set up to use the GPU on ATI Radeon 8500 cards.

This is no doubt the first fruit of the Radeon 8500 driver work announced about a month ago. That work was announced to be open source and sponsored by The Weather Channel.

If you have a Radeon 8500 and would like to help out the development of this driver, please download and test it and report all problems to the dri-devel mailing list.

7 Responses to “Radeon 8500 Driver Binary Snapshots Available”

  1. byte_bandit Says:

    be nice with more wetherchannels like this one

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I was worried for a moment there that nVidia were always going to be better but it seems that, several generations of cards on, ATI are in danger of catching up.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to the hard-working DRI developers and their sponsors. Just at the right moment, I am finally needing a 3D-graphics board since the first 3D game of interest (to me) will come out soonish for Linux (NWN, of course), and with ATi boards being the only decent ones with Free drivers available, it’s clear my purchase will be a Radeon 8500.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Do these drivers work with the original (7000/7200/7500) Radeons, or only 8000+?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The ATI thunderstorm is decending from the north, and the nVidia hot and pissy weather front is rising; thus creating the PowerLinux users!


    Fighting the evil enterprises of Microsoft and Apple to save the DAY!!

    -tonight on dishnetwork’s TWC channel 214, and your local cable company

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How does that compare to ATI’s Fire GL drivers?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Matrox has already commited to bringing Linux drivers for their new card.

    I don’t mind the DRI work but I really wish ATI had their own people working on some Linux drivers. The FireGL drivers will probably never be pushed for performance. ATI’s Windows drivers have come along way since they hired a decent driver team. Not to mention that the R300 is right around the corner. The 8500 arrives and Linux users get R100 drivers. Now the R300 is rearing it’s head and we start to see the 8500’s (the R200) Linux drivers.

    I would like to see Linux drivers for the Creative/3DLabs card that’s coming out too but that’s probably not likely coming from an outfit like Creative. Unless they do a workstation version of the same card I guess.

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