Potential Linux Support for the Flash Linker Advance

July 3rd, 2002 by Alkini

Joshua wrote in to pass on the good news that the people at Visoly Inc. plan to release the source to the software that links Flash Linker Advance over a USB cable:

I wrote the people that do the Flash Linker and Flash carts (for Gameboy Advance backup, home-brew development, and non-commercial roms of course) about their soon to be released linker which adds usb as a connection option instead of having to use the printer cable.

Their response? “We will supply source code for users to make their own (Linux) version, sosooner or later there will be a Linux port, no worry.”

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  1. vardamir Says:

    I’ve been wanting a platform other than x86 to do some ASM on, and while the PS2 linux kit (which I do have) could be interesting to learn MIPS on, doing anything _meaningful_ on the ps2 in ASM would be above my skill level, so I’d like to start out with something more simple, like the GBA’s ARM. Anyone know of some good ARM docs?

  2. phq Says:

    I wonder if they’re planning to release a device driver module or if everything will be in a the software.

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