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June 28th, 2002 by Crusader

Several people wrote in to let us know that the Neverwinter Nightsdedicated server for Linux has beenreleased. Unfortunately,the installation method requires a full NWN install under Windows (patched to 1.19, andcurrently the only way to patch is within NWN itself); moreover, there’s no workaround I’m aware ofto date, as it appears neither Wine or WineX can run either the installer or NWN proper. Finally,even copying the required/recommended directories from a Win32 partition is daunting, as it’s over agigabyte of data. There’sa forum thread here(thanks NW Vault)where server admins are hashing out issues with the ded server, so be sure to check it out if yourun into any problems.

As far as the client goes, this is what BioWare lead producerTrent Osterhad to sayon June 18th:

The server is pretty much ready to go. The Client is a little worse off. I haven’t got any official date for when theClient will be available, but we are pushing as hard as we can to get it done.

I only hope that there will be some kind of installer/file extraction utility to get around the current Win32requirement. In any case, it’s good to see that BioWare is working on the Linux builds :)

Neverwinter Nights Linux Dedicated Server Download:

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  1. karlos Says:

    Who would plan to run a Linux server without having a Windows client to connect to it at this point? It’s hardly fun running a server but not being able to play on it, after all. For this reason, the Windows requirement isn’t a big deal, IMO.

    However, when the Linux client is released, there should be no Windows dependancy, other than the Windows game CDs, of course. Personally I’m waiting for the client to be released before buying the game.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have NWN. It’s a fun game for Windows, and it’s a blast, but I’ve already patched it six times (with two updater patches). There’s no way this game is going to be cost effective to port to Linux, and even so, it’s going to be lagging behind the Windows version. I would LOVE to have this game in Linux.. but let’s face reality here. Already NWN is a nightmare on patches for windows. This is a massive moving target.

  3. theoddone33 Says:

    I guess it’s a Linux game after all

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The ded server isn’t for linux gamers, its for windows gamers who have a linux server… the same people who play counterstrike and are l33t and hang out in #linux on

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, first off, let’s get some things straight here. Bioware is trying to do the linux port, but let’s not assume that it automatically will happen. These things are rough, take time, and do not happen over night. If they are having issues with it, that’s something to be noted. For the time being, this game is a windows game with linux servers (if you have access to windows.)

    Now, why am I so negative? Because people are putting undue pressure on Bioware. This game is already going to be one of the best games of 2002, and Linux users frankly aren’t going to get anywhere by screaming that Bioware lied to us. Bioware didn’t lie. They said they would LIKE to get the linux, mac, and windows versions out on the same CD. They said they would LIKE to get Linux binaries out there.

    Folks, we don’t make or break the game community here. We don’t come close. The demographic “Windows Users, Female, above age 50″ probably have more sales than “Linux Users: Total” has. There’s a high horse we need to get off of. There’s a reality we have to face. That reality is that this might not happen.

    There’s also something else that greatly bothers me, and that is the rampant opinion that if we buy something and write on a comment card “Hey, I run this in Linux” that it will suddenly make everyone “get the picture.”

    I think the picture is a lot less clear than you think. I think the picture would show that we’re NOT large, we’re just extremely vocal. The Loki Experience and the numbers from that are more indicitive of our future and present.

    I love Linux. I love gaming. I myself am working on an Isometric Engine for crossplatform usage. But in the same note, I also am a realist. This game isn’t the Holy Grail. It’s just another very hyped up game. It won’t “save” linux, especially not when it seems to require windows to do everything. So if Bioware comes up short on this..and if we don’t get our client.. don’t blame them. They’ve had a very large project to do, and they’ve had the constraints and pressures of the real world, and it’s indeed possible that we aren’t a marketable target.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Bioware: “Shut up, bitch and cook my dinner.”
    Linux: “I will get to eat too, right?”
    BioWare: “Uh, yeah, sure…”
    Linux: “When?”
    BioWare: “I’ll let you know, not get back in the kitchen!”

  7. Trizt Says:

    I guess when the client is released (I’m a bit doubtful about that), there won’t be any installer…

    If they would make one, then it would be nice if it could install the aurora toolset for wine/winex, for else it’s quite silly to run a linux server if you can’t edit your modules.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Before shipping the Linux client was said to be a week behind the Windows client. It’s been more than a week since the game shipped and there is still no Linux client. BioWare was obviously more intent on getting the dedicated server finished and out the door than they were with the client.

    If it comes great, if it doesn’t then BioWare can rot in hell and they’ll deserve all the shit they’ll get from the Linux community.

    And it was real nice of them to pull the all systems on one CD idea just before the game shipped. If you bothered to check the FAQ before the game went gold you would have seen “the Windows/Mac/Linux versions of the game will ship in the same box” not “we would like to ship all the systems in the same box”. And now they’re speaking of the possibility of a boxed Linux version if the client gets done. So the concept of being able to play on any system with one copy of the game has been shot to hell.

    Fuck ‘em. They shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Since the Mac release is being handled by a separate company, there’s a good bet that the Linux release may be, too. Hope y’all didn’t just run out and buy the Windows version the instant it became available…

  10. Thoreau Says:

    How bout you guys wake me up when bioware finishes the game for windows. Then I’ll start doing reach-around’s for the linux client/server. Face it, Infogrames f|_|cked them. The game isn’t finished, and now they get left with the bag 0′ shite. Perhaps we should stir-fry the publisher instead of crapping on the engineers.

    Don’t expect Trent whatsit to be forthcoming. He’s already sold his soul to them in black and white. The real losers here, no fault of their own, are They didn’t bend over for infogrames, and yet they still got their cornhole buttered. Nice isn’t it.

    Meanwhile, as always, I will wait. And to reiterate, wake me up when the game is finished. My ETA- 4 months. Place yer bets.

  11. terracon Says:

    BTW I saw this on /. . It may be of interst to some

  12. bobcat Says:

    Worry worry worry. It’ll be out soon. Bioware said they’d make a Linux port and they will. At this point, they can’t NOT make it, as every one who bought it, could take it back and claim they bought it to play in Linux. They’d suffer huge losses on returns. They’d loose trust in the gaming community. So it’ll be out soon enough.

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