TeamSpeak 2.0 Beta Testing, Including a Linux Client

June 24th, 2002 by Alkini

Tim Boonstra from the TeamSpeak team wrote in with this update regarding the upcoming 2.0 version of their VOIP program. It’s a bit long, but since they’re including Linux support, I’ll post everything he sent in:

I wanted to inform you that TeamSpeak has just opened up BetaRegistrations for TeamSpeak v2.0.

In case you don’t know TeamSpeak yet here is a small introduction:TeamSpeak is a Freeware Voice Communication program specificly designedfor Gamers. With Gamers in mind we put a lot of attention into a 2specific area’s.
First of all TeamSpeak is designed to run behind NAT Routers/Sharedinternet connection. This way a lot of people are able to use TeamSpeakwithout the troubles some of the other voice communications programsgive.
The second area we put a lot of attention into the bandwidth thisprogram uses. We managed to get the bandwidth usage down to only 650bytes/s. This way Gamers will not suffer from much addition lag causedby using a Voice Communication program.

This together with the fact that TeamSpeak also offers a Linux Serverversion has caused us to become one of the most frequently used programson the net in a very short time.
In a Poll recently held by Clanbase we placed 3rd just behind RogerWilco and Battlecom and are quickly growing.

What does TeamSpeak V2.0 offer that V1.5 doesn’t?TeamSpeak V2.0 is a complete rewrite of V1.5 so that we could fix thecurrent problem that were presented and make the changes that the usersrequested.

Here is a list with some of the bigger changes of TeamSpeak V2.0:

  • TeamSpeak V2.0 will have a Linux Client!!
  • Support for lower latency. (Theoretically as low as 50 ms)
  • Support for better quality codecs. (CELP and GSM)
  • Support for user based logins.
  • Support for per channel passwords
  • Support for temporary channels
  • Support for sub channels
  • Support for moderated channels for conferencing.
  • TeamSpeak uses fewer threads on a server now. Helps to conserveresources.
  • TeamSpeak Super Server design. One program can start several TSservers.
  • Web based management interface to the server.
  • TeamSpeak Client/Server SDK’s, for including in yourgames/applications.

Because of the many changed that TeamSpeak V2.0 has gone through wewant to test this version extensively. So we have opened up the BetaTest registrations to the public. This should allow us to test howTeamSpeak V2.0 works together with all the different Operating Systemsand Soundcards. So that we can release the Final version of TeamSpeakV2.0 as soon as possible.

Head on over to our Beta Testing Center to help us out.

4 Responses to “TeamSpeak 2.0 Beta Testing, Including a Linux Client”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I look forward to trying this out with Tribes2. Also, just maybe we will get to use this along with UT2003 :) *crosses his fingers*

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah baby. we’ve been trying to find something usable to use in cross win/lin gaming clans for ages.
    i’d go for the beta, but i won’t have a decent net connection for at least a month. can’t wait till i do.


  3. Starbuck Zero Says:

    I would like to think you and the rest of the Team Speak team for supporting the Linux community.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    now people can tell teammates where the other team is after they die or when they are spectating… on both platforms

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