OpenML Multimedia API

June 10th, 2002 by Alkini

The Khronos Group wrote in to announce OpenML, a standard aiming to rival DirectX:

OpenML is a cross-platform standard programming environment for capturing, transporting, processing, displaying, and synchronizing digital media (2D and 3D graphics, audio and video processing, I/O, and networking). The 1.0 specification is available for download and use (royalty free).

The embedded subset of OpenGL is a proposed solution to bring advanced graphics capabilities to a variety of devices, appliances and embedded displays. It will be based on well-defined subset profiles of OpenGL and will enable the lightest weight interface between software and hardware. It will also be royalty free.Participation agreements publicly available at “Contributor” and “Adopter” levels to enable any company to contribute to the advancement of the next generation of embedded and dynamic media APIs. Or simply join the discussion groups to ask questions or offer suggestions.

4 Responses to “OpenML Multimedia API”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is this thing GPL?
    But I really don’t see the big advantage over SDL/OpenAL. Network should be implementet at tcp/ip or udp anyway, to give most perfomance. Video shouldn’t be a problem to implement, since the gamedeveloper probably only use one movieformat.

    So what is the advantages other that it is closed?

  2. g_braad Says:

    Well, everybody knows about OpenGL. The standard for portable/platform independent graphics. Why? since it is set of rules to which software and hardware should be build/work. If such a thing exists for sound, network and other i/o it would open an even bigger potential to software designers to make their software run on top of the ruleset. Hardware could be specifically made to work for the rules, so they could perform better. Etc. I hope you can see the bigger picture of it.

    OpenAL was a good way forward, but too bad it was backed by one of the biggest soundcard manufacturers. It worked very well (and still does). But there isn’t any influence from Terratec, Aureal (before they went bankrupt) and others, and that is not good for standards.

    DirectX works, since Microsoft talked to several hardware and software producers about what they wanted.
    (Too bad it’s not multiplatform).

    And NO, it isn’t GPL. Why should that be? Is OpenGL GPL’ed?!? It is not a set of software, just a set of rules (the specification) to which the software and hardware should be build. Just like the OSI standard for communications technology. (TCP IP is partly based on a subset of those rules). I advice you to read more about it on the Khronos webpage.

    (This way, hardware and software are equivelantly the same. Just like how Tanenbaum sees it) :oP)…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    so not to be completely pessimistic but anyone can write a bunch of rules but will anyone follow them? I fail to see the step forward here..even openaudio something with code was supposed to revolutionalize sound in linux and I personally just dont/didn’t see it happening

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think we have all seen something like this before… IT IS CALLED SDL!

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