LGP to Continue Mindrover

June 10th, 2002 by Alkini

Linux Game Publishing sent in this announcement regarding an agreement with Cognitoy:

Linux Game Publishing is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreementwith Cognitoy to continue publishing Mindrover for Linux.

We will be releasing Mindrover as soon as we can complete a production run ofthe game, and we will then be providing downloadable patches to bring the gameup to the current latest release level provided by Cognitoy.

Update: In another email LGP sent us, they state that Mindrover should start shipping to resellers in the next two weeks.

9 Responses to “LGP to Continue Mindrover”

  1. bakiller Says:

    This is great news! Its been a long time since i played mindrover, after they patch it I might have to reinstall it cause its such a great game.

  2. LampEft Says:

    Now if some of the other games would just get picked up! A longshot, I know.

  3. Ender Ryan Says:

    I really wish LGP would broaden their product offerings to include some action games…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m curious.. Will they provide product updates to the Loki version, at what cost and to what point? (eg, what do the product updates supply).

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cognitoy is still selling the Loki version on their website, so one would assume, that it will still work, not to mention the fact that LGP’s email says they will UPDATE to the current version of 1.07………..

    Oh, and because its needed… WineX licks balls. Long live elf.

  6. bobcat Says:

    Wow! I just might be playing this before I’m playing NWN!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    A bunch of us had volunteered to do all the patches to get it up to speed with the windows version for free several months back. They wrote back and said that they would love for us to do that, and once the code was in shape, they would get back to us. We would get updates every once and a while up until about a month ago. Yeah Mindrover. Can’t wait to see the 1.08 patch and the RCX Patch on Linux.

  8. Shark Says:

    Now this was an unexpected but pleasant surprise! :)

    Seems that I will soon be able to get one of my favorite games up to date..

    I’ll recommend this one to my friend. Maybe he wants to buy it :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I actually bought the Windows version for $10 US, cause I couldn’t find the Linux one anywhere :( . Got it the same week I bought leftover copies of Descent3 and Heavy Gear II (both from Loki)from a local EB store back in January. And, no I don’t run it under WINE or WineX, thanks.

    “ME taz”

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