pyDDR 0.5.1

June 8th, 2002 by keerf

Version 0.5.1 of the Pygame-based Dance Dance Revolution clone pyDDR has been releases. Changes and or fixes for this release include:

  • the author can finally pass afronova and paranoia in basic mode
  • ddrmat module cleanup (doesn’t create kernel taints)
  • pyjoy is a little more verbose in describing what’s going on
  • COLORS IN OFFBEAT ARROWS (the most requested feature!)
  • a few minor optimizations ( == better framerates )
  • configuration additions
    • scrollspeed can now be a decimal (floating-point) value
    • option ‘grading’ in configfile to turn off grading at end of songs
    • option ‘explodestyle’ – 0 for non-exploding, 1 for rotating only, 2 for scaling only, 3 for both types of ‘arrow explosions’
    • option ‘arrowcolors’ to decide which arrows get colored – 1 for all-same-color, 2 for offbeats-only, 4 for beat-offbeat-wayoffbeat
    • option ‘little’ to decide which arrows get DISPLAYED – 1 to turn off 16ths, 2 for eighths off, 3 for only quarter notes, 0 to disable
  • debug mode: specify stepfile / mode at runtime and pyddr will play/exit (example: ./ 6jan trick starts 6jan.step in trick mode)
  • now displays total number of combos, and how early/late/ontime player is
  • remembers which song it was on in the song selector again
  • if the music file is bad/doesn’t exist, game won’t crash anymore
  • at last, pyDDR timing works on mu’s machine. New option ‘mixerclock’ in config file to get song position from SDL_mixer instead of system.

Download: pyddr-0.5.1.tar.gz

On a side note, the new FAQ on the pyDDR site has alot of good helpful hints for how to install the game. There is also 3 new screenshots of pyDDR in action (Screen 1|Screen 2|Screen 3).

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