Exult 0.99.1RC2

June 7th, 2002 by Alkini

Jeff Freedman wrote in to announce a new (1.0 release candidate) version of Exult (screenshots):

Exult, the Ultima 7 game engine, is another step closer to a 1.00 release. Both ‘Black Gate’ and ‘Serpent Isle’ should be fully playable, and we’re looking for any last-minute bugs before we pronounce it fully stable.Information is at our web site, .

We’ve also been making a lot of progress with ExultStudio, our map editor, and Ucc, a script compiler. A few of us have been working on a mod called ‘SourceForge Island’, and you can see screenshots at: uccshot2.png anduccshot1.png

Exult 0.99.1RC2 source: exult-0.99.1RC2.tar.gz

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  1. simcon Says:

    Superb. We could do with some more of these types of projects.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t played U7 in [i]years[/i] due to the difficulty of setting up a DOS box capable of running it… Time to figure out what I did with either the original floppies (probably long-since degraded out of usability) or my Ultima Collection CD.

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