FireGL Drivers are Radeon 8500 Compatible?

June 7th, 2002 by Alkini

Petr Sebor wrote in with this interesting finding regarding 3d Radeon 8500 support:

Do you know that the ‘workstation’ FireGL binary drivers are in fact Radeon8500 compatible?I have them installed on my debian / 2.4.18 machine and the GL stuff is running exceptionallywell! (at least all the apps I’ve tried)… Extension-wise, the driver seems to exhibit the same setas the windows one, so probably 8500 users might be able to run Doom3 at the time the linux binary ships… probably.

terracon also wrote in to report his success with the drivers:

ATI released drivers for the firegl 8800 which has the same core as the 8500 (r200) and it just so happens that these drivers work . So people that have been 3dless can downlaod these . They do work I have tested them out.

The drivers (README) can be downloaded from the Fire GL 8800 Linux/XFree86 Driver page at ATI.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    and crazy stuff.
    Why won’t ATI just put it out as an 8500 driver?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I tried these drivers with Radeon 8500. They worked well with Quake 3 and Tribes 2, but Wolfenstein had some issues. Some objects disappeared from time to time, but nothing too serious. Speed was great. There is a thread about this at:

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Does the kernel’s Radeon framebuffer driver work on the 8500?

    And does it explode if you then start X using the FireGL drivers and try to run a 3D app?

  4. augustine_ab Says:

    Has anyone tested the drivers support for using 2 monitors? Anyone tried the drivers with 8500LE?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi all.

    Ie installed the drivers posted by ATI as Radeon 8500 drivers, everything installs fine, but X won start with a “no screens found error”. I wonder if this driver also supports “powered by ATI” cards…….

  6. feendster Says:

    I had to hack my X86-config file for the new drivers to work on my 9700, but UT 2003 went from unplayable to playable for about 3 screens in single player mode. (The screen would fill with artifacts, and a flush command on the console wouldn’t fix it.) I had to change the line that lists the PCI ID from 1:10:0 to 1:5:0. I got this number from the log files when X would crash with the old setting.This hack is also needed to get the Official Linux drivers to work on my MOBO. I am running a Tyan Tiger MP W/ Dual 1.2GHz and 512MBs of ram. Enjoy!

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