Windows Tribes 2 Patch; No Linux Patch in Sight

June 7th, 2002 by Alkini

As some of you may know, GarageGames was contracted by Sierra to update Tribes 2. Well, a beta patch for Windows was just released but there are no plans for a corresponding Linux patch. Chances are that this patch will break all compatibility between the two versions and Linux clients (and servers) will be left behind.

We have previously posted on Sierra’s attempt to gauge the effect of no longer updating the Linux client. But, I never heard an official decision from Sierra following the discussion. One person mentioned open-sourcing the T2 code and the only comment Sierra had on that was concerns regarding cheating and piracy.

So, some fans have put together a Tribes2 Linux client Petition site as an attempt to convince Sierra to continue Linux support for T2. Personally, I remain skeptical of the virtues of petitions, but if you think it will help get what you want, sign away.

Update: terracon pointed out that, in the patch announcement (as posted at Tribalwar), Alex Rodberg mentioned the status of Linux support:

The issue of Linux support is still looming and is currently stillunresolved. Sierra cannot support Linux code, but we are open to a reputableLinux development company picking up where Loki left off. None have offeredto date.

7 Responses to “Windows Tribes 2 Patch; No Linux Patch in Sight”

  1. byte_bandit Says:

    where are you?

  2. rapina Says:

    winex sux…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    there are no reputable linux development companies left

  4. Anonymous Says:

    there will be a Linux patch. Who wants to take me up on it?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    sierra has the windows code.
    sierra has the linux code (given back by loki)
    sierra has the money.
    garage games has the windows expertise.
    garage games has the linux expertise (realmwar ported to linux,torque engine works in linux)
    sierra gives the money to garage games to make windows patch.
    then says no serious linux compagny contacted us to do the port?
    is this a joke or just a polite way to tell us to put our tribes2 copies up our a ?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    First, Dynamics gets killed, now Linux support gets dropped. One more stunts of this kind and I’ll add Sierra to the list of companies I don’t buy from, on principle.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I figured this would happen.

    This is why I didn’t think Loki was worth it. In the long run, we have scared publishers and companies away from linux, the few games we do have (most of which are not or never have been largely popular) cannot be updated, and there is no sign of this changing soon.

    WineX or not, linux gaming is bleak.


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