Majesty Update/Screenshot

June 6th, 2002 by Alkini

Linux Game Publishing wrote in with the following update on their Majesty port-in-progress:

We are pleased to announce that the first screenshot from Majesty forLinux is now viewable.

The URL for the screenshot is at:

We intend to be releasing a weekly screenshot from the game, and theoverview of them will be available at

12 Responses to “Majesty Update/Screenshot”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    aren’t they dead yet?

    With WineX theres no need to wait years for ports of old games.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. bobcat Says:

    Yeah, I’m worried these guys are making the same mistakes all the other porting companies did. Porting games that are to old to sell. Linux games compete with Windows games. It’s sad but true.

    I’ll buy this. Hope others will. Not sure if others will see it that way.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great screenshot, no game play, just a nice menu picture… Wow… I’d have to agree that Linux porting games are taking titles that are just SO old! I mean, yeah, I want to play Majesty, but I have a Mac now, I’d probably play it on my Mac… I’ll still buy this, I suppose, but I’m really going more Mac recently than Linux. OSX is a Unix, so I can do all of my development on it, and it has far better game support… sadly, this is true.

  5. Thoreau Says:

    Perhaps porting Warcraft III would be a nice idea, then Blizzard wouldn’t have to keep sueing us for emulation. I take that back. Fuck Blizzard. Rock on.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    History repeats itself. First Loki, now LGP. When will they learn that porting old games and trying to sell them for $50 isn’t a good business plan? If you want to compete with Windows (and de facto, you do), you’ve got to compete with price, too.

    They need to understand that they need to port _concurrently_, not afterwards. Hell, just make the deals beforehand when the game first starts development, so the devs realize they can’t hardcode DirectX calls into every object, and maybe (gasp!) make the game easy to port. Then, when the game goes gold, it only takes a month or so to port to Linux. Fast and easy, and it might make for games people want to buy.

    If Majesty comes out for more than $30, I’m not getting it. I’m not willing to pay more for everything because “it supports Linux”. I’d pay $50 for Warcraft III, sure – if it came out in more or less the same time frame as the Windows and Mac versions.


  7. theoddone33 Says:

    If you don’t support a company when you have a chance, and they go belly up before they put out any products you’re interested in, whose fault is it?

  8. Judecca Says:

    A gif screenshot?

  9. jonabbey Says:

    I’m willing to put my money down on Linux games. I’ll be ordering this when it’s ready.

  10. simcon Says:

    If this is the same games as Majesty by Cyberlore Studios / Hasbro then I think that LGP and it’s partners ought to review their business strategies as this game received 50% review score from PCZone UK mag. I am not in the habit of buying games that received 50% from my fave mag, not even if it was sold for 5 quid.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Why not skip the porting for a starter. Develop own CROSSPLATFORM games (linux/windows/mac)? Using SDL+what else nescessary. Then we will have a trensparent gaming market.

    Where is the loss for gaming comp’s then?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Virtual Valerie 2!

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