March 29th, 2002 by keerf

This is a bit older news, but still good. Benny Kramek has made a game that is for linux called Carterrain (Screenshots). Carterrain is a 3D multi-player splitscreen, offroad racing game, which you can have up to 6 players playing on it.

Download: carterrain-1.0.tar.gz

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  1. Kormac76 Says:

    I tried to reach both the screenshot and the download, but apparently the server is overloaded. Maybe this could be moved somewhere with more bandwidth?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    – quote —
    ” The URL your trying to reach has caused a Service Unavailable Error.
    This may be the result of the URL using all their allocated bandwidth.
    Please try again later. ”
    — quote —

    I haven’t been able to get anything other than the above for either the screenshot link, download link, or the Carterrain site link. Maybe ‘Benny Kramek’ should think of shifting his site to a more available/reliable host. Or atleast, could someone who has been able to get the file, put it up on a mirror somewhere?

    – Mr Dweebus

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