Jedi Knight II On Linux

March 28th, 2002 by michael

God (yes, really) wrote in to let us know that he has successfully run Jedi Knight II: Outcast using Wine from Transgaming CVS.

[It] ran very smooth and fast in linux using Wine.I ran it for half an hour in 1280×1024@32bit fullscreen (had to changemy desktop depth to 16 bit for that) and it ran very fine (between 20-40fps).

God was using NVIDIA drivers version 2802 and Wine version 20011226 from CVS.

Dan Olson, you may now post the requisite “Wine is bad” comment.

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  1. Dweebs Says:



  2. Anonymous Says:

    Since it is based on the Q3A engine, it shouldn’t be too much work to do a port

  3. Anonymous Says:

    we all know it’s not polite to WINE, err, whine…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, we all know only an act of God could make wine run well.

  5. Knight Walker Says:

    Has anyone gotten WineX 3D working with non-nVidia cards? I ask because I perfer the DRI sweetness of my Voodoo3 on my P3/450. It plays all my Linux (Loki and others) games like a champ (Except Unreal Tournament, grr) yet trying to get anything working under WineX makes me feel like I’m using my P1/120 laptop. I’m talking 3-5 frames per second.

  6. theoddone33 Says:

    but I’m still learning. Here is your comment Mister Vance, now leave me alone.

    [i]9 out of 10 Windows users say wine is good for Linux![/i]

    End of discussion!

  7. XWRed1 Says:

    Man, JK2 is a game I really look forward to playing, and seeing as its already based on Q3 (hopefully not bastardized like MOHAA), they could maybe be persuaded to do some sort of native port.

  8. chunky Says:

    Wine Is Not Your Friend.

    Gary (-;

  9. Anonymous Says:

    i ve tried many demos that works with winex , yet the full releases don’t. It’s due to installer issues most of the times, or fonts, or cd check things, …
    lately i tried stronghold and moon project(earth 2150) demos, and they work perfectly.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone have any luck getting Freedom Force to work with the CVS of WineX?

  11. leto Says:

    System: Duron 800, 512 MB Ram, Nvidia GeForce 3 ti200 on Debian (unstable-tree) NVdrivers ver. 2802,

    did a snapshot on the winex-cvs, configure:ed with the –enable-opengl, installed, tried running the installer on the cd-rom. Failed miserably ~_~, copied the content from the GameData to a folder present in my wine config, ran.. The singleplayer game complained on my cd? (original btw.) well, still didn’t give up and looked for a no-cd patch. Found and applied, tried again…
    WORKED LIKE A CHARM(!), max settings, 1024×768 gave me an fps between 30-60 in detailed areas (50-70 in 640×480) played around for about an hour, worked fine.

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. slackdruid Says:

    It runs quit well even a bit better then in windows
    one thing is for shure the levels load faster.
    my system is slackware 8.1 with 540 p3 384 ram and
    geforce2 gts card. and i built wine from cvs.

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