Request for ParaGUI Maintainer

March 26th, 2002 by Alkini

Alexander Pipelka wrote in to announce that he is looking to hand over his postition of SDL widget library ParaGUI maintainer to somebody else. Of course, potential maintainers should be familiar with the project and the code behind it. If you are interested, drop Alex an email at

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys, im using IE5.5 here at work.

    Just got to your site and on teh popup, it came up with a verisign “do you want ot intall” for Gator spyware.

    Is this some kind of UGO crap?

    Gator nearly gets installed on my machine just for visiting linuxgames?

    not cool.

    not happy.

    what the hell.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    On shared Windows computer a lot of settings actually get shared. I know, I know it’s hard to comprehend but all it takes is one person at work to install one piece of software and the whole thing gets messed up.

    This problem has counfounded and compounded me such that I prefer to login remotely to my home computer. If you can’t do this:-

    1) consider running a batch file that sorts the computer out b4 and after u use
    2) have a little broswer to run live from somewhere – a website, a disk you can bring or any disk space they give you. See iomega active disk.
    3) everytime you use complain that it’s not a proper multiuser OS. Explain to your colleges that it’s a piece of ****, don’t drop the word linux, use Unix. If they don’t believe you point to the logon screen where they are still waiting to login.

    – Good luck living in an ignorant workplace

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