FooBillard 0.9

March 25th, 2002 by keerf

Version 0.9 of the OpenGL billards game FooBillard, has been released. Changes and or fixes in this release include:

  • freetype fonts for balls and player text ( fonts lent from )
  • balls autotextured (colors+text)
  • smooth movement (fine adjust per Ctrl obsolete)
  • red-green(cyan) stereo !!!!
  • symbolic icons for half/full/any
  • default ball detail set to high
  • bugfix: place cue ball not possible while balls moving
  • for help screen

Download: foobillard-0.9a.tar.gz

3 Responses to “FooBillard 0.9”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OK, now where’s a good place to get 3D glasses?

    Along those lines, does anyone know if there is support for LCD shutter glasses under X? I’m talking about the ones that connect to the VGA port.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    but I think that the cushions are too low. You can see this in the way the balls don’t change spin when they rebound off the sides – the spin should reverse as well but you can see the ‘before bounce’ spin carrying on after the collision. Friction gets the spin back to where it should be after a sec or so.

    Still, I prefer this version to BillardGL – it feels closer to a real pool game.

    Toby Haynes

  3. high Says:

    Does a windows version exist?

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