Team Factor Followup

March 23rd, 2002 by keerf

Bernd Ritter from Holarse sent in word with an email about Team Factor. This comes from 7fx directly.

TF for linux is not available at this time. First we have to finish itsWindows version, ship it and then, if it’s gonna be financially viable, wecan do a linux version. It’s not that hard to do because we have a dedicatedserver running on linux which basically is the whole engine without graphicsand keyboard/mouse input. And as we have support for OpenGL in TF, addingthese features could take us about a week.

6 Responses to “Team Factor Followup”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looks great! Please get that Linux port out soon.

  2. Dweebs Says:

    I would buy this game if it had a Linux port.
    I appreciate the fact that the publishers are recognising Linux users. I dont even have Windows installed anymore so I could not (will not) buy it until the Linux port is released.


  3. trashcan Says:

    Why is linux good enough for the server part?Why cant they also release a client side.I wish everyone that has linux servers would quit running games that only make server stuff for linux lets see how important linux really is then.I mean if they cant show some goodwill to the same software that they need to use then screw em i say.

    I gotta add most all games i play on the internet,the linux servers are the best.I just switch to mostly all linux now and buying my next box (voodoolinux) with linux only.

    It also piss’s me off to hear some folks like the tribes people,say oh well guess we wont get the patch,guess i better update my surver so at least the windows people can play.I say screw that,why they heck support companys like that?.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “Finacially viable” = “We’re not going to bother”. What they should do is simply place the linux binary on the CD and release. That way you could use either OS and windoze gamers can see that this game works in Linux too.

  5. bobcat Says:

    “Here, run our server to service our Windows clients and make us lots of money. If we make lots of money, maybe we’ll take 5 days of our time and compile it so you can run the game too.” Or maybe not.

    No Linux client, no sale. There’s to many FPS games in Windows for me to choose this one, but I could use another Linux FPS game, I’m almost done with Wolfenstein.

  6. byte_bandit Says:

    I dont care that mush if they release a patch later for linux. I dont see this game “that” important. I like 3D shooters .. but I think there are better 3D shooters to cry for! So I can wait for a patch. And let’s hope alot of windows users buy the game! .. I alos want to adress Linuxgamepublishing in this matter. If whey belevie in what they are doing they might shold try to get there hands on the rights for the linux version!

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