New LadyStar Episode

March 22nd, 2002 by Alkini

Heavy Cat Multimedia sent in the following announcement concerning their new multi-platform game LadyStar:

Our newest episode, “Oh, She’s Just a Pest” is now available for download. This is our largest and most ambitious episode yet! Featuring over 50 unique locations, at least one moderately difficult puzzle, and well over 7MB of color character and 3D background graphics, “Oh, She’s Just a Pest” also introduces two new characters: Cecilia Daichi and her sleepy cat Hikousen, plus a special animated sneak preview of the registered version of LadyStar!

Versions are available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

….and if you haven’t played them yet, you’ve got two ways to play the first two episodes now: “The New Girl” and “Little Pictures Everywhere” areavailable for download *and* if you’ve got a high-speed connection, you can even play them *on-line* using your web browser!

All three episodes include the new and updated features of the Tranquility GTML Game Engine:

* The long-awaited (and now hopefully debugged) inventory system
* Animated Toolbar
* Point-scoring system
* All New Main Menu
* Integrated Help System
* Go Links and Info Links
* Hidden Features

We’ve opened a new server to make downloads and page load times better for our guests, and so we could re-release our two and a half minute digital video trailer for LadyStar: “I Can See The Future,” available now in Alanna’s Multimedia Area:

The trailer is a 35MB download, and is subject to limited availability if we exceed a certain bandwidth level, but will always be made available again at the beginning of each month.

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