Team Factor

March 13th, 2002 by Alkini

Bernd Ritter from Holarse and other people have pointed out that the Team Factor site lists, under their tech specs, that Linux (OpenGL) is a supported platform. Team Factor is a multi-player action game-in-progress that focuses on team play and incorporates RPG elements. Other game features listed on the site include:

  • optimised algorithms for outdoor and indoor environments
  • skeleton-based detailed animations of characters
  • real time lighting and shadows
  • 3D sound
  • multiplayer of up to 60 players

3 Responses to “Team Factor”

  1. byte_bandit Says:

    that they “will” make a linux version?

  2. Muttley Says:

    take a look here:

    to quote

    [q]In the final Team factor package will be included the Server software part for both, Win and Linux. However, we do not work on the cliend part for Linux, but we may agree on licensing it so other party though (via the publisher Singularity Software) who got the right for such negotiations.[/q]

    Shame really



  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is this developed by the same guys who were making Fire & Darkness?? (which vanashed from the face of the earth).

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