Pre-orders for the PS2 Linux Kit

March 13th, 2002 by Alkini

The venerable Sam Lantinga wrote in to let us know that the PS2 Linux Kit is now available for pre-order. The price for the kit is $199 and it’s expected to ship May 22. The PS2 Linux Community page states that if you pre-order, your credit card will not be charged until your kit is ready to ship.

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  1. Trizt Says:

    Everyone seems to be so hypped about Linux for PS2, but there has been Linux for PS2 for “ages”.

    But I have a small question to those who has the Japanese PS2 and runs Linux. Whats your opinion about using Linux on the PS2 (what was great and waht was bad)????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Post his message about Linux4PS2
    But when i sent this news in a few weeks ago, when I first found it, it was never posted;$sessionid$OEFCE0AAAAD0YCUYAGDSCNQ?PRODID=337933&CATID=490&_requestid=5376

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is just an addon for the ps2… I was thinking it was a special ps2 console tha they were gearing towards developers. Well I guess I won’t get it since my wallet cant handle the 300 dollar pricetag on the ps2, let alone an extra 200 or a hard drive, usb keyboard/mouse, vga adapter, and disc… fooey

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