Tux Games Back

March 11th, 2002 by Crusader

After some downtime over the weekend due to a power surge, the online Linux game retailer Tux Games is back up.

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  1. jonabbey Says:

    And my copies of RTCW (Linux pack) and Creatures: Internet Edition for Linux are waiting for me at home. Hurrah.

  2. trashcan Says:

    This would be great i’ve been thinking bout buying a new box from a linux vendor.

  3. chunky Says:

    For anyone who likes using debit cards instead of credit cards [eg, me], TuxGames will be providing switch in the near future [on the order of a couple weeks]

    This is, obviously, just a dirty rumor I’ve heard… but if you’re planning on buying any games in the next couple weeks, leave off for a while and order from them using switch [if that’s the reason you’re not ordering from them now]

    Gary (-;

  4. byte_bandit Says:

    is down to!! .. for me anyway! php error

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