NVIDIA Driver 1.0-2802

March 7th, 2002 by Alkini

Andy Mecham let us know that version 1.0-2802 of NVIDIA‘s Linux kernel driver has been released; changes include:

  • GeForce4 and Quadro4 Support
  • OpenGL 1.3 with NVIDIA extensions
  • Improved IGP and mobile support
  • Overlay support for Quadro products
  • MPEG acceleration for GeForce4 MX
  • Anisotropic filtering support

NVIDIA Driver 1.0-2802 downloads:

15 Responses to “NVIDIA Driver 1.0-2802”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is an option I really have missed. It is so nice to have textures that aren’t completely blurred.
    I wonder how it works with the current games, or if the games need to support it.

    Who comes to the readme first :)

  2. XWRed1 Says:

    Xinerama still doesn’t work. For me.

  3. mrluisp Says:

    Is anyonw willing to post benchmarks for Tribes 2 and Quake 3 for the 2313/4 drivers vs these new ones? I would really appreciate it.

  4. PJ_Hooker Says:

    Does anyone know where to find details regarding this improvement they say they made to mobile support? I have a GeForce2 Go. So, I’m very curious about this. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous Says: mktemp: command not found fatal error, mktemp failed
    make: *** [package-install] Error 1


  6. Anonymous Says:

    As nVidia say, they won’t be fixing it. Which is strange, cos they worked around it on the Windoze drivers…
    (the rail regulator, or whatever, gets too hot, and reduces voltage to graphics card, makes card crash, gives me at most 2 secs of hardware accelerated performance. Bugger.)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How does one know what to enable or disable?

    I’ve experienced a 10 – 20FPS loss, with my GeForce 2 Go, i’m assuming Anisotopic FIltering is enabled by default, so is there a website with info on the different options?


  8. Anonymous Says:

    With these drivers it seems you can re-enable ‘XVidMode’ in your wine config file, thus enabling page flipping, bringing performance back up to what it should be.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    As I stated before, I have received a 10 – 20FPS decrease in FPS, however i’ve come to realize it has nothing to do with Anisotropic Filtering at all, these drivers are just plain slow. =(

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I’m having problems using my TV Out feature with the new drivers, when I exit an X session on a TV, the display doesn’t correctly return to my monitor, it just shuts off. The computer is still responsive, but with no display. I can restart X on the TV blindly, and that works, but exiting it leaves me no better off. Trying to start X on the monitor after this has happened locks up the machine completely.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    XFree86 still crashes on loading the glx extension with a signal 11 when I enter my second card (Matrox Mustique) to my configuration. I tried the UseInt10 option, but it did not change a thing. Anyone using the nvidia drivers in a multi-head setup with an additional PCI graphics card?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Too many people here are missing the point. We Linux users now number in the same range as Apple/Mac users. If we ever want to be treated fairly by these software companies we are going to have to demand equal and fair treatment from these companies. ALoki PROVED Linux is a great gaming platform capable of very decent performance and stability. Its way past time that these companies stopped sitting on the fence on this matter. Another example from the past was the piss poor treatment of Linux users of Unreal Tournament. At the last minute Epic decided to not include the Linux client on the retail disk using the lame excuse of support. I don’t know about you other Linux gamers out there, but I have far fewer problems with Linux versions than what I experienced with Windows versions. I no longer use Windows at all because ALL Windows versions have the same basic stability issues. Do yourselves a favor and stop buying Windows versions until these companies either release simultaneous versions for Linux and or actively support the Transgaming/Codeweavers/Wine community with REAL help and patches for their games. Stop sitting on the fence folks. Its either support the jerkoffs in Redmond or stand for real freedom in the future with your full support for Linux.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone been able to reach TuxGames lately? I live in the Los Angeles area, and I haven’t been able to get to it, or Linux Game Publishing, for that matter, since last Wednesday or so. I’ve tried from two different places (my home ISP and work), with no luck. Thanks…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else having stability problems? I can’t play anything for more than 30 seconds without a segfault.

    On an amusing sidenote. Earlier today (before I knew about the driver release) I went out and bought a GeForce4MX 440 (dual vga out…sweet!). All excited I bring it home, plug it in and plug in two monitors but I can’t seem to get anything to work. On a whim I check nvidia ftp site for new drivers and there they are with right up at the top of the Changelog “NV17 (GeForce4MX) and NV25 support”. Too bad the damn things are so unstable

  15. chutz Says:

    I remember when I used the 2313 drivers, my X would occasionally freeze completely. After switching to 1541 everything was fine. With 2313 X was freezing at least once every 20 hours or so. Anyone knows if these drivers are any different? I am not sure if I should stick to the 1541 version or try out 2802. My card is GeForcePro DDR 32MB.

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