PowerVR (Kyro) Linux Drivers

February 26th, 2002 by michael

Public beta drivers have been released by PowerVR for the KYRO graphics chipset. The release consists of a README and numerous RPMs for SuSE, Red Hat, and Mandrake. From the README:

The Imagination Technologies Linux Driver kit provides 2D and 3Dacceleration for PowerVR KYRO family of graphics chips running in 16 and 32 bpp depths. The drivers are based on the standard DRI mechanism shipped with XFree86 > 4.0.

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4 Responses to “PowerVR (Kyro) Linux Drivers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is this the first drivers for kyro on Linux?
    The benchmark I have seen with this card (kyro II) and Unreal II has been very promising.
    It clearly beat all other cards at the same clockspeed/memory speed. Because of its tile based rendering.
    I am really looking forward for the next PowerVR card. If it is good and got linux drivers, it would be a really good contester for mig next card. (Which I will buy at the time when Doom 3 ships).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    1. Is STMicroelectronics still selling off thier graphics chip business, and if so how will that impact future development of these drivers?

    2. Has any decision been made on releasing the source — in whole or with some binary module(s)?

    3. If the answer to #2 is ‘yes’, is there a timeline?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    or .tar.gz.

  4. bobcat Says:

    I’m wondering how well this card performs in Linux. It might be a good upgrade for my Geforce 2 MX200 cards.

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