Neverwinter Nights SITREP

February 25th, 2002 by Crusader

PC.IGN caught up toBioWare to discuss the current statusof Neverwinter Nights, which they state is ontrack for an early summer release.

Moreover, in a recent Q&A forumpost, thepossibility of trying the NWN tools under Winecame up:

Q: The lack of the toolset for Linux and Mac is unfortunate but understandable. It has been speculated whether the toolset is runnable under variousemulators; specifically my hope lies with Wine, a Windows API emulator for Linux. What I’d like an answer to is whether anyone at Bioware has tried running the toolset under Wine, and what happened. Did it work at all? Maybe worked well? And if you managed to get it to run, will you post tips/instructionson what settings are needed for Wine to manage it?

[Greg] We have yet to try this. We’ll have someone here run it and see what happens.

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  1. root_42 Says:

    And why is the lack of it understandable? Is it a package of external programs to develop extensions to NWN? If so, what is the problem of porting it to Linux and Mac? Do they rely on some windowing toolkit? If they’d taken e.g. Qt or something like that they could have had Windows, Linux and MacOS compatibility from one source.

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