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February 25th, 2002 by Crusader
  • Silvio Tischer sent in word (a while back, sorry Silvio) that the multiplayer portion ofFountainhead Entertainment’stotal conversion Sidrial works under LinuxQuake 3: Arena after installing it viaWine. Unfortunately, there was no luck with single player portion.
  • Beta 2.5 of the Q3A tactical combat mod Urban Terrorwas released (changes) as an upgradeto Beta 2.4 (required). Screenshots can be found here.
  • A Beta 1H server-side fix was released forQuake 3 Fortress, which can be found aquí.
  • The Unreal Fortress guys have postedan update on the status of their mod and posted aprofile for the marksman class.
  • Finally, IGNspoke with the developersof Tac Ops: Assault on Terror, the mod forUnreal Tournament which is going retail, similar to the HL mod Counter-Strike. Fortunately, the article statesthat the retail release won’t affect updates of the mod proper, which will allow Linux users to continue to playas patches appear online.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I downloaded the sidrial TC like a month ago.. and it worked perfectly fine.. both single and multiplayer.. Yeah.. I had to install with Wine to get the pk3.. but it worked great with quake3 1.31 Linux.

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