Bnetd Development Halted

February 24th, 2002 by michael

Better late than never, most of you have probably read about the bnetd debacle that went down this past week. Lots of well-reasoned (*cough*) and impassioned discussion occurred on Slashdot in this original aritcle and the subsequent follow-up.

As far as I can tell, the salient bits are in this post, explaining why Blizzard‘s legal counsel sent the letter the project received.

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  1. theoddone33 Says:

    Is bnetd really good for anything other than piracy? What’s the problem with using

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And all this goes down because of the DMCA which makes it illegal to reverse engineer other people’s code. I forsee more of this in the future unless someone gets the DMCA put in front of the Supreme Court. I have no doubt they’d shoot it down as a violation of the constitution.

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