Vegastrike 0.2.0

February 21st, 2002 by Alkini

Version 0.2.0 of the Wing Commander-inspired space combat sim Vega Strike (screenshots) has been released; changes include:

  • new missions
  • joystick support for a full featured joystick
  • sound effects
  • bolt weapons with glowing lighting effects
  • cloaking that renders a ship partially/fully invisible
  • customizable Alien Race logos

HellcatV, the lead developer for Vegastrike, writes:

The new release has over a hundred unique star systems, many craft and starships, and some challenging and fun missions that take players into and out of nebulae, asteroids, and even the face of an alien drone. The question is…can players discover the hidden superweapon before they are shot down!

Vegastrike 0.2.0 downloads: @

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, the graphics look great for an open source game… and the gameplay looks cool too.. But if I move for any period of time, it just locks up X completely. Donno if its how I built it or what… Red Hat 7.2.

    Tell ya what would be great, is if they offered prebuilt binaries in a loki installer like gltron does. Then people would have a reason to try the non-windows version. I’m just a linux power user, not a programmer.. I hate sourcecode, though I’m glad when sourcecode is available to people who are interested in improving things and have the capacity to do so… Makes a better, safer product in the long run, and it’s the whole community thing I like. If I could I’d offer my self-installing version of linux kingpin with the q2hack patch applied, but unfortunately there’s no way to do so legally.

    I might be able to build such an install program for this however, if the binaries were offered to me prebuilt and they tested okay. It’s actually very easy to use… If a shmoo like myself can do it.. donno why more people don’t use it.

    If such an installer was available for this then people would have a reason to try the non-windows version and it would probably be easier to debug errors on the different distros too.

    My guess is many linux users are like me… like the idea of using linux, like to explore its capabilities, and don’t mind shell programming, but hate wasting time looking at meaningless scrolling by in a text console.

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