glHack 0.8.0

February 14th, 2002 by Alkini

Andrew Apted wrote in to announce that he has released version 0.8.0 of glHack (screenshots). glHack is a SDL-based OpenGL port of NetHack 3.3.1.

glHack 0.8.0 downloads:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love the Falcon’s Eye the most. glHack is yet another awesome version of nethack. GnomeHack is realy good too! Offtopic to glhack: I own an Agenda VR3 PDA, which is the first PDA that runs Linux and the X Window System natively, and I searched through the NetHack homepage and found a port of nethack for The Agenda VR3 PDA!!! You guys must check this out! Sure, on the super-fast desktop and laptop, NetHack and all its variants look cheesy at most, but the graphics on a VR3 PDA are astounding. It rivals that of Nintendo Gameboy’s graphics and this thing lasts for a good 7 hours on two AAA batteries or 4 or 5 hours if you use the sound effects hardware all the time. Someone tell me what you think.

    Oh, and yes, as soon as someone strips Mesa3D down to a MiniGL for the Agenda VR3 PDA, you will see glHack on it. AgendaComputing seems to be not updating their website much, but the hardware is good and the software is easily portable, upgradeable, and easy to syncronize with rsync. I bought my Agenda VR3 at Fry’s Electronics for $100 of which they strangely knocked down from $245.00. On eBay, you can get the Agenda VR3 PDA for around $90.00 excluding $7.00 Shipping and Handling.

    (Please look at the Agenda VR3’s features! It’s got a proprietary USB controller that doesn’t work yet, but it gives good implications for an external 802.11b and 802.3 for all our portable port-scanning goodness. AgendaComputing is verry-much misleading this product, however. They say there is a webbrowser, but it isn’t installed. Look on their website,, and they give you bad links; implying to me that they jumped the gun and don’t have a good devel team to port some good GPL software to this thing. Best bet for a webbrowser is a stripped-down port of Lynx or Dillo to this platform. Agenda VR3 is MIPS based, 16MB of flash, and 8MB of system RAM I remember. Nice PDA guys!)

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