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February 13th, 2002 by Crusader

Timbo let us know thatNVIDIA has released Linux drivers for theirnForce motherboard chipset. The drivers fall underthe NVIDIA Software License (specifically,the network driver) and the GPL, andinclude audio and ethernet support. The last NVIDIA graphics driverrelease already supports the nForce onboard GPU.

NVIDIA Linux nForce Driver Download:

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  1. AT Tappman Says:

    At first glance this looks like audio is fully GPL and the NIC is some source with a precompiled binary piece. While not ideal, from a free software perspective, this is a very good start.

    Some people have been critical of NVIDIA in the past, but releasing more drivers and with some of them seemingly completely free software, shows that NVIDIA is trying to balance their closed history with a call to be a more open participant in the free software world. I urge them to continue and to consider more openness as they create new products over the next few years, perhaps trying to avoid the kind of license deal that apparently has required them to keep their OpenGL driver closed.

    Now, if they can release *BSD drivers and drivers for alternative systems on another architecture, like PPC, then I think we can all be quite happy.

    On another subject, I wonder if any of this package, both source and binary parts, will provide any assistance to people trying to crack Xboxen to make them more open, like the Dreamcast. My understanding is that the Xbox and the nForce boards share much of the same technology.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe a little off topic, but how is DVD playback with the nVidia cards? Is it supported at all, or does it have to be done in software?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Any drivers are good drivers. Thanks, nVidia!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Does audio driver support digital out?

  5. Temporal Says:

    Under Win2k, the net card is detected as “Realtek RTL8139/810X”… the driver is included with the OS, even, and Win2k was released long before NVidia even started working on the nForce…

    So, what I’m wondering is, doesn’t Linux already have a driver for this? Why would NVidia release their own?

    Even stranger is the fact that the on-board audio [i]is[/i] a proprietary chipset, yet NVidia chose to support it by making minor modifications to the existing i810 audio drivers. Apparently, the chipset is “compatible” with i810… but why would they release custom drivers for their generic net card, while releasing generic drivers for their custom audio card?

    (This is all based on my experience with the ASUS nForce board, BTW.)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ONLY if they:[br]

    1. Provided nVidia-licensed drivers for freeBSD, BeOS, and Linux.[br]
    2. Provided alternative drivers under GPL, so people could at least use the chipsets to some degree and possibly integrate the drivers into the non-Microsoft operating systems.[br]
    3. Ask all companies on our behalves, integrating the nVidia chipsets, to include with the end-product, both elements 1 and 2 on a ISO9660 CDROM, and this element(3) can not be infringed.[br]

    I’m not demanding. That’s just what I expect from a modern company that makes “the best consumer graphics chipsets”. They’ld be crowned with even more crowns if they simply released drivers for the people who are responsible for keeping the internet and the graphics industry on a stable path.

  7. Saltbread Says:

    I think some of u guys need to stop bitching about these drivers. They DON’T HAVE to support Linux at all if they don’t want to so stop complaining. I agree with the guy that said that him wanting to get an nForce board has risen significantly.I am waiting for the new 415 chipset Abit board to be released and my VIA woes are over. Stop knocking the company. Try instead encouraging them to keep up the good work. For all u know, an Nvidia motherboard may become as common place a thing as having an Nvidia video card. Down with VIA!!! Viva Nvidia

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