Magic Online On Linux?

January 29th, 2002 by Alkini

dcsmrgun wrote in to point out that the Magic Online FAQ states that Magic Online will “run on Linux.” One wonders if they intend to produce a native client, or if they think using a compatibility layer (Wine) constitutes running on Linux. I have written to Wizards asking for a clarification. The game’s target release date is this coming spring.

Update, 17:31CST: I just received this “clarification” from the tech support department at Wizards:

Unfortunately at this time there is not a port for Magic to Linux. We do nothave any information whether it will be ported or not. For any informationregarding this you can watch our website at:

Update, Jan 31, 13:16CST: I just received one more clarification from the tech support department. This one sounds a bit more informed:

Unfortunately that FAQ was written back in the early days of development of thegame and the Linux version had been dropped since then. The creation of aLinux version (as well as Mac) may be revisited in the future. I will (onceagain) inform the web people to change that text to reflect the facts.

8 Responses to “Magic Online On Linux?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    From the blurb, I imagined this might mean they operate servers for the game that run Linux. The exact question from the FAQ says this:[br][br][b]Does this game run on a Mac? Linux? Windows 2000? Will it ever?[/b][br]A: Linux and Windows 2000, yes. Mac, no. We might extend it to Mac if the demand is high enough.[br][br]So I guess we take that at face value and look for further confirmation.

  2. shamu247 Says:

    Any bad news is still bad news.

  3. tspinillo Says:

    Save your money, and support the ones who support Linux.

  4. Limbomaniac Says:

    When there is no client, never use the server………

  5. byte_bandit Says:

    not a game for me anyway .. but I hope they make a linux client!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, if everyone who reads this drops them a mail and asks “Will the game be made avaliable for Linux?”. Perhaps they’ll do something about it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Magic is soooooo 10 years ago….

    And why would you want to play this on a computer when a huge part of the magic craze was actually OWNING and TRADING the cards with your friends at school, not pretending to do so through a computer.

    I just don’t see much apeal. IMHO if you want to really play magic, use your money to buy the cards, not software that lets you imagine that you have the cards. ESPECIALLY since they’re not supporting Linux.

    Just my $.02

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