GtkRadiant 1.2.3 with RTCW Support

January 28th, 2002 by Crusader

Version 1.2.3 of the Q3A-engine level editorGtkRadiant has been released byid Software’s TTimo and his team; this release adds support forRTCW mapping. Information aboutdocumentation can be found at the main editor page; there’s also info in the applications Help menu.

GtkRadiant 1.2.3 Download:

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  1. startx Says:

    Okay, I’ve got it downloaded and installed in the default location. Quake3 is also in /usr/local/games/quake3. when I start it, it says “Could not open project file. errno: no such file or directory. An unrecoverable error has occurred.” any ideas how to stop that and open the program?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Make sure you set the paths properly in the gamepacks section (there should be a gamepacks button on the setup dialog). I’ve had no problems running it, but I installed it to my local home dir. You’ll need to be root when you run the installer if you want to install the editor gamepacks into /usr/local/games/quake3…

  3. startx Says:

    Okay, a nice guy named Paul emailed me the solution to this little problem. just type ‘mkdir -p ~/.q3a/radiant’. Now, if I can just figure out why it’s dog slow on my 1.4Ghz T-bird, with 512MB RAM, and a voodoo3……..(yes, I’ve got OpenGL and all that good stuff working, I get 70fps while playing q3a)

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