Neverwinter Nights Saved

January 28th, 2002 by Crusader

Several readers wrote in to point out that BioWarehas announced thatthey have reached a settlement with their former publisher Interplay, whom they had recentlysued.The highly anticipated multiplayer AD&D gameNeverwinter Nights will be published byInfogrames Entertainment when development is completed; a Linux version of NWN is beingworked on alongside the Win32 builds, and it’s possible (depending on Infogrames’ say on the matter) that the Linux binaries could ship with the retailversion.

Another reader let us know that Borland hasannounced that they will be portingBorland C++ Builder to Linux; the lack of Builder on Linux has been ashowstopper for portingthe toolset portion of NWN, which allows the creation of new adventure modules.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    So far the plan has been to ship all binaries (Windows, Mac and Linux) in the same box, and there’s been nothing indicating that this has changed. In all probability you’ll be able to walk in to any software store and pick up NWN for linux. Just remember to register it online as a Linux sale!


  2. vardamir Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this game; one question though. Would it be too much trouble to compiile it for Linux/PowerPC as well (while OS X is great, I’d like to not have to boot into more than I already do, which isn’t very much)?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I will most deffintely buy this game.

    Nice so have some good news after Loki strategy. =D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Gee, first “The fellowship of the ring”, gives me hard on FYI. THEN…this. Ahhh. When that is final, it is linux binaries out there – I will be in heaven when I get a grab on this baby. =)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What’s the best way to influence Infogrames into publishing it with Linux binaries in the same box? Or is this just a marketing ploy to make Linux gamers hype the game for them? (Anybody heard of Aqua lately?)


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to notice that gamesport has a nice preview movie of this game.
    They doesn’t talk about linux, but it is cool anyway.,11100,188666,00.html

    Damn I can’t wait for this game to come out.


  7. acidtil Says:

    Way cool !!! At last someone understands that some of us in the Linux community loves to play games (and dislikes to dual boot) :)

    Houray for BioWare !!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    this has got to be the best part. having binaries included in the retail version means that we can all get the game from our favourite linux retailer at release time without the bad conscience not waiting for q3/t2/… linux boxed versions gave us.

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