Creatures Internet Edition Review

January 28th, 2002 by Alkini

Matthew Johnson wrote in to let us know that he has written a Review of Creatures Internet Edition. The review includes information on gameplay, some of the theory behind the game, and some screenshots.

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  1. StarTux Says:

    Go and read it, awesome review by erm, me :).


  2. jonabbey Says:

    where are the norns? Were they too shy to have their picture taken? ;-)

  3. LampEft Says:

    Good review, but if you ever expand it, you might want to include some commentary on how well it plays on Linux. For example, did you encounter any bug/crashes? Did it play slowly? Is it a successful port? Etc. I have the game, and for what it’s worth, it played pretty slow and jerky on my Pentium II 400, but wonderfully smooth on my Athlon 1.4. So far, it hasn’t given me any major problems. No crashes on either system :) Which is more than I can say for Rune, darn it!

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