Quake II for the Red & Blue Glasses

January 25th, 2002 by keerf

Jacek Fedorynski sent in word that he has made it so you can play Quake II with red & blue 3d glasses. Dosen’t seem to hard to setup, the requirments and setup instructions are on his page. Check it out at:

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  1. cburke Says:

    I can only imagine the headache that would cause…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why not Wolf-3D… make it 3D DAMNIT!!!!!!!!

  3. raindog Says:

    I haven’t actually ordered from any of these guys, nor am I affiliated with any of them. – mainly dirt cheap cardboard ones – lots of gimmicky printed ones you can’t buy, plus sunglass and clipon types you can – this is actually the rainbow symphony guys, but they’ll send you a free pair of the cheap ones for a dollar and a SASE – has lots of ophthamological jargon I don’t understand, but sells lots of weird looking glasses.

    There are other red/blue 3D apps out there, for example Vectrex and Sega Master System emulators that simulate those systems’ 3D goggles using red/blue. Some probably even run under Linux. I made homemade 3D glasses out of an old broken eyeglass frame and some cellophane to play the Vectrex in MESS, but the colors are kind of off since the art shop only had one shade of each color. There are also some fractal programs for Linux that will do red/blue stereo pair viewing, and doubtless someone has a 3D modeling program that’ll do this.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Will this work with Relnev’s Quake 2 port? Has anyone tried it?

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