Draeker Interview; Icculus to the Rescue

January 25th, 2002 by Crusader

Former Loki Software President Scott Draeker wasinterviewedby Newsforge about the end of the Linux game porting company.Among Draeker’s statements is an expression of hope for the future:

NewsForge: How do you feel about the future of Linux gaming? Do you think there’s enough of a market for a company to port Windows games to Linux?

Draeker: It’s problematic. After three years I know it can be done. The market is there. But it’s also very challenging. We did it out of conviction, which is why we lasted as long as we did.

Draeker also discusses the problem of bringing new, original titles to the Linux platform.

On a similar note, Ryan “icculus” Gordon and his merry band of Linuxgaming enthusiasts haveannounced that they will be hosting CVS treesfor Loki’s various open source projects, suchas OpenAL. Included in the announcement is Ryan’s commentaryon the end of Loki, as well as his recommendations to the community for moving on.

4 Responses to “Draeker Interview; Icculus to the Rescue”

  1. hercules Says:

    Hurrah for Ryan! Go Ryan, Go Ryan!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    What about the HOMM3 map editor? Huh?

  3. LampEft Says:

    …commentary from Ryan. I particularly enjoyed point number three. With respect, I got to admit, I never understood all the whining that went on when a game wasn’t available at *immediately* the same time as the Windows version. I had no problem waiting for the slight delays in the releases of Q3, Kohan or Rune. Or even SMAC. Is it really that much a trial to exercise a little self-restraint and *wait* for a while? Especially if it means contributing to a good cause such as this? Play other games, read some books, do jigsaw puzzles or take up a hobby in the meantime. I’ve been waiting a *long* time for Majesty to make its Linux debut. Long time ago, I played it on Windows (on a friend’s laptop) and I loved it, but even though it’s discounted at Frys, I’m perfectly happy waiting for LGP to release it for Linux. Even if that doesn’t happen for 8 months or so. How does the saying go.. Patience is a virtue.

  4. The_Dougster Says:

    After all they do have many products available for immediate purchase. It takes practically zero materials and labor to burn a cdrom and shrink-wrap it. I’m suprised that some other linuxy type company like Redhat hasn’t jumped on this and annexed Loki for dimes on the dollar.

    It isn’t like Linux is going to go away anytime soon. It has been my pleasure to watch it grow from a university experiment into a main contender in the OS world, surpassing all of the commercial *NIX’s in its prowess on the X86 platform. Now available on Big Iron hardware too :-)

    IMHO the market for linux game titles will slowly continue to grow, year by year, with no real upper cap. You could hawk bargain-bin Loki titles on the net easily for years to come. Its not like anybody who currently uses linux is very likely to say ” … naah, I’ll just go back to using all MS products.”

    This bites, I still have a few Loki titles to collect. I already have a pile of their games here, each one of which is excellent btw, but I still wanted to get Tribes2, SMAC, Kohan, Rune, and was looking forward to Deus Ex. Unfortunately my game budget isn’t too great so I can only get one game like this every couple months. Well time to bust out the credit card and buy one now I guess.

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